Doing The Basics

‘There’s no history of anything happening until it does……

And then there it is’

Dr Ann Maria DeMars

I was eager to write part 2 of the seven deadly flaws….the actions.  Then I paused….I was falling into a similar trap.

This time it’s going to be different and I’m going to do all of these things!

Hold up I thought….you got to walk before you run.

Thinking is great because I’m like a manager of my own football team….I go back and watch the footage of the last match…see what I didn’t do write, what i can approve….get feedback from my coaches (friends and family).

Thinking something never made it real.  And some of the greatest planners in the world never got anything done.

So as I was procrastinating today…I anted to take a bold action.  So I took a cold shower.  And that shower was COLD!

I delayed it.  And delayed it….then finally hyped myself up and jumped in.

And it hit me……this is what it is.  Uncomfortable action building confidence.  Then leading into another uncomfortable action.

Which lead me to writing this now.

As much as I’ve written and posted for a good few days now….I haven’t been intentional.  So I’m going to do two things for the next 7 days as a minimum in the morning.

Cold Shower


Within the first 2 hours of waking up.

The is to get flow.  It’s not knowing what to do…it’s the discipline and momentum to actually do it.

The greatest of adventures often start with the seemingly innocuous….yet important first destinations.

And there it is.