The Biggest Problem With The Education System

‘It is not easy to find a man who studies for three years and cannot think about earning a salary’ – Confucius

The biggest problem with the education system is it’s a funnel.

It’s directing kids into areas which they have no passion for.

I’ve been to schools all over the country talking about careers.  Do you know how much money is allocated to careers and personal development?


Most of the money goes towards achieving grades, so they can move up the rankings.

Because that’s how a school gets allocated more money.

Kids (a term I use loosely) are much more aware, but the cycles repeating.

At that age most students don’t know what they want to do.  And that’s ok.

We shouldn’t be telling students what to pick.

We should allow them to find things they’re interested in NOW. 

And give them encouragement in how to explore that.

Because finding out things you enjoy is only half the battle.

The keys is to eliminate those things you don’t enjoy.

I saw so many people in University studying courses they hated.

For jobs they would then go on to hate.

There’s nothing wrong having a job.  There’s nothing wrong with having a career.  The problem is if:

  1.  You don’t like it
  2. If that’s the ONLY thing you have

We need to feel creative on some level.  If not at the day job then at home.

Because this is what one will really pour there heart into.

This is what you’ll study when nobody tells you to.

It’s no wonder many people are miserable.  Why depression is so prevalent.

Unhappiness with where you are is not an internal problem – it’s societies problem.

You don’t bring anything good into the world in that state.

I’m not saying stop teaching science.  I’m not saying kids shouldn’t learn maths.

What I am saying is that it is not ENOUGH.  And we have to start emphasising the individual.

And you can’t measure passion on a spreadsheet.

By Dubem Menakaya

  • Angelinacleroux

    I agree, the school system needs a major rehabilitation. And this article has only scratched the surface. Great points. It’s gonna take a lot of voices before we see significant change. Loved Seth Godin’s book “Stop Stealing Dreams”.

    • Dubem Menakaya

      Indeed! I never fully understood it until I saw it from outside in. We’ll get there as long as more of us become examples I believe there will be a ripple effect. Never heard of that book, gonna have to check it out!

  • Micah

    This is so true, man. The education system needs to adopt a more organic and person centred approach. At the moment so much of what the education system does doesn’t serve to develop people’s talents and potentials, it crushes them. Until there is an overhaul it will continue to be a meat market that essentially provides a framework for a narrow group of people who are academically oriented. What it needs to do is acknowledge that intelligence is expressed in many ways outside of that. Just look at Richard Branson (school drop out), Aaron Schwartz (high school drop out), Albert Einstein (average at school), Thomas Edison (same as Einstein), Bill Gates (college drop out), and there are countless other examples.

    • Dubem Menakaya

      Yes unfortunately I they want it to remain that way, because its serving someone but that’s certainly not the students or the teachers.

      It’s so true that we know the majority of the famous successful people never went to University, yet it’s often still pushed as the be al land end all. Certainly you can gain a lot for University, knowledge of self will allow one to understand if that is necessary or not. Maybe that’s why it isn’t pushed more…..