Consistency….that’s a word that has never excited me.  I mean you say it out loud con-sis-tan-see.  What is interesting about that?
It’s like in football, that player he is consistent.  So he’s average, lacks flair and skill.  He’s just there.
But now it’s a word that’s coming up from all sides.  Yeah your intelligent but you’re not consistent.  Look at all the people you look up to – they are consitent.
They are there.
While I’m not.  Well not all the time.  Showing up for one day, one week, one month – it ain’t gonna get the job done.  For my voice to be heard, to matter, to make a difference I have to show up everyday.  It’s not an obligatory requirement – it’s mandatory.
Yet my life is one of consistent inconsistencies.  Yes that is my reedeeming feature – you can count on me to not ount on me.  Unfinished books litter my room, unfinished blogs, geez I got my degree by the skin of my teeth.
I’ve never been consistent in any project.  Severe lows punctuated with mass highs.
Steady as she goes.  They say you have to get omfortable with being uncomfortable.  I think I have to get comfortable with being consistent.
It’s a simple thing when you break it down.  Do this thing for 3o minutes at this time.  And then do it again.  Yet why does consistency crumble?
I do believe it’s built upon a foundation of knowing yourself.  And when I say that I mean knowing what works for you.  What makes you feel good.  How much sleep you need.  What food your body works well with.  What type of people an you ask for help – and do you ask for help.
And then practically it’s built on a foundation of structure.  Like your life has some consitency embedded in the consisteny.  Consisception if you will.  You wake up at a certain time.  You go to work at a certain time.  You go to the gym at a certain time.  So there are hours which are already in use forcing you to optimise the hours your have left.
I think that’s where I got it mistaken.  I thought I needed more hours to do what I cared about – when in truth I needed less.  I just needed to optimise and consistisize if you will what I do have.
I believe that i am an animal.  In as such that anything can be taught and learned.  Any programming I’ve had over the years can be switched around.
You can teach an old dog new tricks.
And though I diss the school system – there is something to having to sho up at the same time, every day, and repeat the same things.
I mean I can write, talk and add up so they must’ve been on to something?