Crush Your Fear NOW – Fascinating Insights Into The Power Of Your Ideas

‘So how long have you been singing for’ I said. ‘Since I was three’ she replied.

Funny, I thought.  She just told me she only started recording in January.

‘So why did it take so long?’ I said. ‘Because I was scared‘ she replied.

Now I understood. She was scared.  I was scared to. We all are.

The Persecution

Why do we not sit on the things that will bring us joy?  It’s a question I’ve thought about for a long time. Why do only a small percentage of people actually chase that spark?

‘You’re either running away from pain, or running towards pleasure’ 

Ideas are a gift and a curse. They give is so much pleasure of what could be but so much pain when we don’t do it. It hurts.

It did for me. It hurt my heart. I had all these things to say yet I wasn’t sharing.

Tomorrow became my rallying call. Tomorrow I’ll sort out the blog. Tomorrow I’ll edit the videos. Tomorrow.  Tomorrow.  Tomorrow.

Tomorrow never came.

We are all sinners. We are committing the greatest sin against the world – with holding our ideas.  Our Art.

Because this is what changes lives.

Persecution To Execution

If you didn’t do it it’s your fault.

This ain’t the blame game – it’s the truth.

And once you know that you can change your reactions.

Years of negative thinking is difficult to overcome in a day – but we can start TODAY.

Practise the 2 minute ruleTake imperfect action.  Embrace the journey.

‘It’s much bigger than you or I…..’

When you see someone playing the game it’s amazing. Watching the singers that day showed me.

The joy the crowd feels. The fulfilment in the artist heart.  It’s what the game is all about.

Think of all the great musicians you admire. All the great products and services that you like.

Now imagine they never started playing. They never started creating.

The changing of one person’s day.  The changing of one life. The changing of millions. Gone.

If you’re struggling to execute I admire you. We are all in the process of growth. Getting better as individuals. Getting off the bench.

I just wanted to let you know that your work will touch one person. Your idea will effect one person’s life.  Whether that’s them being touched by your work, or by them just being inspired that you’re doing something. It will happen.

So if this inspires you to create today, great. If it inspires you to commit to making that idea a reality even better.

Because just by playing we’ve already won.

Because the power isn’t in the ideas – it’s in sharing them with the world



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