Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime

You know in the movie when a character has that realisation moment?  Like there’s a moment when they get how much of a jerk they’ve been….and the impact it’s had on other people.

When they get that they’ve been messing up the whole time and it’s not about anyone else?  In fact the other people’s reaction is of direct influence to how they’ve been.

And so it goes the second half of the movie starts and they rise from the ashes and continuously take action to change.

Life is a movie in some ways.  In many others it’s not.  That awareness may be had many a time without the consistent action behind it.  And yet negativity and a lifetime’s of selfishness come back bit by bit…..

I mean a movie has a time limit.  I  live life like there is no time limit.  Because I know yet tomorrow will be different.  And then tomorrow will be different.

And it’s not rosy in that moment.  It hurts.  It hurts real bad.  And it either goes one way or the other….but for how long does it last?

As long as I want it to.  Doubt and frustration are the rawest of emotions to face.  Losing trust and belief feels like the floor is removed from your feet.

But everything that has been done can be undone.  Wounds can be healed.  Pain can turn into joy.

But it doesn’t happen in 90 minutes.  Heck it might not happen in 90 days or 90 months….

But it can happen.  And it will happen.  Not through saying it.  Through showing it.  Taking the body shots, gritting the teeth and coming out round after round.  One day at a time.  One day at a time.

And still I rise.

But have I learnt?  Time reveals truths that are undeniable.

Words casts spells….actions create miracles.