How To Be A Fan (And Why It’s The Key To Getting Your Own)

‘I started out like a fan

Writing like every other kid

Grew up to be the man Paying bills at my mother’s crib’ – Wiz Khalifa

Who do you admire?  Who do you follow?  Who’s art do you say ‘that’s my ish!’ to?

‘I never cried when Pac died, but I will probably when Hov [Jay-Z] does’ – Drake

That’s what Drake means. Not that Tupac wasn’t an inspiration to him – but Jay-Z was his raving fan artist.

How To Be A Better Fan

Start thinking about why there art is so powerful.  How does it make your life better?  What are the stories that connect?  What about it resonates with people?

I’m a raving fan of many. I read pretty much every James Altucher blog post.   Watch every Gary Vaynerchuk video.  Listen to every School of Greatness podcast

I study them – in my mind.  I’m still a fan.  Just changing the angle.

Gary V aka Living Legend in action (once you watch one you’ll be hooked!)

Here’s some good questions to ask of those you f*** with,

What qualities do they have that connect with people?

What subject matter/references do they use that gets a response?

How do they view the world?

Who do they look up to and admire?

What could I learn from them?

This helps you understand what connects.  It helps you develop your own style.  It helps you add value.

Being a fan is the first stage of Getting Off The Bench.

Because if you can’t respect someone else’s art, why would someone respect yours?


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