The First Destination

Targets dictate weapons…and weapons dictate movement…. I was reading a book (Unleash The Warrior Within) and it struck me.  I don’t set goals.  And that is a factor in why I often lose momentum and that buzz.   Because I don’t know where I’m going. I just do stuff.  Like the writing….I’ll just write.  Now that’s positive….after a while if it’s not leading to something….if I haven’t established the target I end up drifting away.

I read this book when I was 19.  At that point I had just been removed from University after my first year.  I spent a lot of time on the coach wondering why I was so weak.  Why couldn’t I finish anything?  Why was I a failure? So as you for I searched ‘mental strength’ on Amazon.  And this came up. There was one aspect of the book I have never gotten into.  Goal setting.  I thought it was limiting. I think maybe I was scared.

When I think about setting a goal like have 5,000 email subscribers in 6 months….my chest seizes up.  I’m scared of establishing the target yet it is the target that pulls me forward.  It will enable me to see what is necessary (weapons) and how to use them on a daily/weekly basis (movement). As I wrote yesterday this is an adventure.  Where anything can be created.  Yet like any adventure there needs to be a first destination.  A 3-6 month goal to keep me focused and on track.  Or else it’s much more likely I’ll drift away….. I don’t know what that target is right now.  Maybe it doesn’t have to be some random number plucked from thin air.

What I do know is my course is plotted. Over the next 10 weeks I’ll be taking the start a blog that matters course by Fizzle.  I’m ready to learn from the experts.   Plot my course and move in that direction. And often as I move….the target becomes that much clearer