IT IS What Happened…..NOW What Happens Next?

‘Never give up!’ ‘Don’t stop’

But what if you do stop?  What if you gave up?

If you’re like me, you’ve been kicking yourself.

It wasn’t how you planned it….like a thief in the night the fear crept in the backdoor and violated ya house!

When I started writing my intentions we’re there.  I just wanted to share a message from the things I’ve experienced.  And then somewhere along the line it became about the image.

As one week turned into two, my fears and stories became part of me.  The claws we’re sunk in and it was dragging me back to the cave of quiet suffering.

Most days I thought about writing.  By this time there had to be an elaborate plan attached to it.  4 week launches, podcasts, social media marketing.  It had to be perfect.

I knew it would happen…just not now.  Not now.

I started to believe it.  

Until Tuesday.  I attended one of my best friends book launch.  We’d both felt the pain of inaction, yet she took the leap.

And I knew it was time.

I’m so grateful for this interim period.  The internal conflict was a guide – there’s another way.  A

s the Bible says – Seek and ye shall find.

I joined personal development courses, read, developed my spirituality.

Now I got tools for this battle.

And when you got the tools – you have responsibility.

I believe everybody is a genius.  In the definition that they have a burning desire to create.

Yet to harness it you

1.  Have to be well everyday – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

2. Create a plan to keep this in existence

Sounds simple eh?

Simple but not easy.

Anyone can start something.  How many businesses, books, paintings and songs have been started and never finished.  Millions I’d guess.

No it’s not the start – it’s the restart.  Having the courage to step back into the ring after that defeat.

Being humble and acting where you didn’t before.

I’m in this game for life.  Yet I’m no longer living in the future.

I’m just committed to being as well as I can today. 

And then doing the same thing tomorrow.  And seeing where it takes me.

So I’ll be blogging here every Wednesday and Sunday.

To share what I’m learning about living a fulfilled and self-expressed life. 

What it takes and what stops it.

That’s my plan.  So let’s see where this goes….

Is there anything you’re putting off restarting?  That’s calling you?

Let’s work together.  Drop a comment below.


Dubem Menakaya


  • Nicole ‘Emma’ Adeyemzz

    Great read and unique writing structure! Really gripped my attention ad spoke volumes, yet so simple!

    • Dubem Menakaya

      Thank you :)