The Hard Thing About Hard Things

Show me something that ever started big….A friend once told me this.  I vaue dreaming.  I think to dream, to aspire for something greater is the foundation of my philosophy.  And it’s not to dismiss or disrespect what I have….it’s just the beauty of the game.  Everyone wants to be a champion in there life I think.  To attain that transformation and creation – whether that be getting into shape, writing a book or building a successful business.

Yet I’m abit like Marty Mcfly cos I always go back to the future.  And the present is something that passes by.  Tomorrow I’ll do it.  Tomorrow I’ll start.  Why didn’t I start yesterday?  Where could I have been?  Where could I be?

The Hard Thing About Hard Things.  I  want to play the game on expert without mastering the level of beginner.  Like sitting down and writing every day.  And posting every day.  And isn’t the game just as fun when your achieving in beginner?  Yeah it is.  But I can’t skip levels.  And then use the fact that I didn’t pay the game to continue to not play the game.

Dreams and visions have the positive of giving me a direction.  At the same time my ego gets crazy.  Like sitting down and writing everyday is beyond me….yet it’s something I haven’t done consistently.  Am I lazy?  Yeah if I want to be.  Can I do it?  Yes is I want to.

Oh boy it’s funny when I write it in print.

Turns out the hard thing about hard things….is only as hard as I make it…..