Do you think about the areas that need to be improved?  I know I do.  I need to exercise more.  To read more.  Clean my room more!

Then you have the famous improvement answer of all – the New Year’s Resolution.  Everyone has made one at least once, if not actually written it down then had it in their head.  This is the year I quit smoking or this is the year that I become financially independent.

Now, the big one, how many actually succeed in these improvements?  Well statistics show only 8% of people actually achieve their New Year’s Resolution.

Isn’t that incredible?  92% of people didn’t accomplish the thing that they CHOSE to do.  Nobody forced it upon you to want to start a business this year.  That’s what you wanted!

Well I don’t know if that’s what YOU wanted it was definitely what I wanted.  In fact all of those New Year’s Resolution’s listed were things that I personally set out to do over the last 5 years or so and I achieved none of them.  Probably gave up on them after about a month….

There was a lot of pain associated with this.  How could I improve this and improve my life?

That’s a question I started asking myself.  And that’s one place where improvement starts.  Instead of just giving up, actually asking yourself questions.

What can I do differently next time?  Where did I go wrong?  Why did I stop?

Then you have to look for answers to those questions.  I discovered the large majority of the reason that I was failing at these goals is because I didn’t have a solid foundation to build on. I didn’t wake up on time, wasn’t organised, physically, mentally and spiritually lacking.

I was incredibly negative towards myself internally.  To not achieve something was the end of the world and thus it became a vicious spiral where not improving would lead to more non-improvement.

And that’s the key to improvement. To keep going. To know hitting the floor isn’t the end of the world and that if you really want to achieve those things you say you do then you have to get up.

And your wiser this time.  Because you’ve learnt what not to do.

So you either go again with renewed wisdom and humility…..or you keep thinking about it and digging a hole in the well of the past.

Because the improvement is not in what happened.  It’s what happened next.

  • Pav

    Yeah man, I feel you.

    There’s one I started doing recently that has helped me make progress in most of my areas that I wanted to work on. I took small steps and eventually they all added up into something big.

    For example, I wanted to cut down to 1700 calories/day from 3000. I tracked my intake for 2 weeks and slowly began to cut back on the food. Slowly taking out the high calorie foods and replacing them with more healthy shit. Now I’m down 7 pounds in 4 weeks barely eating anything unhealthy.

    • Dubem Menakaya

      I feel you Pav. They call it the floss one tooth strategy, make small improvements in one area and eventually you’ll begin to work on other areas as you see the results.

      Congratulations bro, I acknowledge you’re improvement and progression!