Live Like No One Else So You Can Live Like No One Else

When thinking about this blog and what the message I want to share with the world, the theme personal leadership comes to me.

Taking control of the direction of your life.  To be the cause in what it is I want from life.  Yesterday I wrote about targets and having a goal in mind.  An aim and an objective to pull me forward.

I haven’t established my wants.  There are many of them!  That is what I’ll write about tomorrow.  To get what it is I want, I have to do those things I’ve never done.

Live like no one else.

I’m starting Fizzle’s 10 Week Course (Start A Blog That Matters) this week.  And today I signed up to a 6 month personal development leadership programme.  I didn’t do it because somebody told me.  Or I didn’t stop because somebody advised the other way.

I did it because this is the direction I want to go in.

At this moment I’ve just got a new job in Nando’s.  Income is not exactly at the ‘rich’ level.  And I’m recovering from addiction in the process.

They’ll always be an excuse to not start.  Can’t write.  Can’t afford it.  Don’t have the time…

But fuck it let’s do it.  It’s a no-lose situation.  I’ll learn either way.  And the alternative of stagnation, regret and possibly falling into something deeper if I don’t go after what I want is crap.  I’ve lived that some I’m going a different route.

I need to establish what it is I want.  And there are many things I can’t do…  If I keep on this journey and do the work, will I be able to do them?  Yes I absolutely believe that.

I’m just a man like the people I look up to and admire….there human beings like me.  So if I

a)  Establish a target

b)  Find a process to follow

c)  Follow that process

d)  Be vigilant and aware of my flaws and then take action to transform them

e)  Go to the finish

Why can’t I be where they are and have what I want?  There’s no reason.

It won’t be easy.  But hey if it was everyone would do it right?

And as an explorer….isn’t our job to go on a path no one has been on, and bring the lessons back to make it easier?

To live like no one else, you must live like no one else.