There Is Nothing Worse Than Potential Unfulfilled (What Makes Me Angry About The World)

I’m not really an angry person.  I get more frustrated than anything.  And when I look into the world what frustrates me is potential unrealized. Ideas never created.  And that our large institutions do not address this issue.  That should be the focus for the large institutions in the world.  So much money is put into academia and people finding work, yet where is the money spent on people realizing there visions and potential?
There’s so many public speakers and inspirational figures out here, yet the science and the real facts about what it takes to realize your vision are lacking.  It’s summed up into platittudes such as ‘Just do it’ or ‘never give up’ and that’s bullshit.  Well it’s not bullshit, those statements are true.
But how?  And why do I feel like this everyday.  Why do I have this resistance that has paralyzed me?
Or should I say I have let myself be paralyzed?
The culture in society needs to embrace those who walk the journey.  I believe that’s why people beat themselves up for a fear of being judged.  Yes that fear is all self created and our natural default.  Yet where is the voices in society that says that it’s ok.  It’s ok if you didn’t finish.  And not just that it’s ok – embrace that.
Embrace that you had the courage to start.
Nobody likes failure.  It doesn’t feel pretty when your in it.  And when you emerge society doesn’t give us that guidance into what it takes to translate those lessons, and how to connect our vision with the world.
 Yet I’m not getting bogged down in looking outward.  Because I have a lot of internal work to do.  Because anyone can preach about what should be and what the world is lacking.  Yet the power is in the being.  Is in me actually BEING that guy who realized and continues to realize the visions he has for himself – and openly talks about the pain and shame he went through to do that and shares the lessons and tools he picked up and utilizes in his life as a way of being.
So that is that.  I have a direction.  And it is wonderful.
  • Sean Ian Jacobson

    We go through phases in ideology all the time, and it seemed to be that the baby boomers’ parenting style and philosophy was that everyone is a winner. Maybe that’s better than only rewarding the winners, but there’s a difference between participation and effort. We need to be rewarding, and enabling, people to put in the effort required to do great things. If we do that, I truly believe the world will be a great place.