The Number One Thing You Should Do Before/During/After You Start Chasing Your Dreams

‘If man has a why, he can bear almost any how’ – Friedrich Nietzche

I left the blog. Didn’t edit the interviews. Turned off my phone.

It’s always something small. Some small bullshit. But that stopped me from playing. And put me right back on the bench.

These little things eventually become big things (in our minds anyway).  And we lose our way.

We’re not match fit anymore.

Much of it is our own internal pressure. I wanted to be the best writer. I wanted to showcase these amazing interviews. But why?

Start With Why

I took a course to become a better writer.

There’s an exercise called ‘Start with Why’.

Basically you time yourself for three minutes and write down Why you want to do something.

So I did ‘Why Do I Want To Start Getting Off The Bench’ and wrote the following:

GOTB is to show that we can BE who we are and live our dreams  It’s to bring the REALNESS back to it – and show young people what it really takes

It’s so I can help and pass on my knowledge

It’s to UNITE us – instead of individuals being all over the place let’s come together

It’s to SHOWCASE – so we can tell these stories of young people killing it and how they did it

It’s to spark a REVOLUTION – let’s change the averageness that society places for us and not just AIM for the moon – actually build our rockets!

It’s so I can express myself – and really put my message into a book.

It’s also so I can do these things – so I’m not just talking about it I’M LIVING IT  

Because it’s FUN!


‘Thank God for granting me this moment of clarity’ – Jay-Z

Writing the why cleared up the mess in my head. What I’m doing is beyond me – yet it’s all about me. If I cannot play the game, I can’t tell and show others to do the same. That was my clarity.


Alas this is not a fairy-tale. I didn’t live happily ever after. There’s still much more to do. I had to build new habits. To train every day. To be grateful. To pray.

But this was the start.

I often look at it when I’m feeling fearful. When I don’t want to push publish. Or when an obstacle comes up.

So that’s what I’d like you to do. It will only take 3-5 minutes. Whether you’re playing or not. Time yourself and ask why are you doing/want to do whatever it is?

Because is man has a why, he can bear almost any how.

‘People don’t but WHAT you do – they buy WHY you do it’ – Simon Sinek


Dubem Menakaya

P.S Here’s an amazing Ted Talk by Simon Sinek to give you some inspiration