The Philosophy

‘In every seed lies the promise of a forest’

- Deepak Chopra

As I look out into the ocean from my boat….I see space.    I’m no longer looking back at what could have been, questioning why I did certain things.  Why I wasted all that time in addiction.  I’m looking forward.

I am the master of my own destiny.  Currently I reside in a town in Essex called Grays.  I have no job.  I live with my family in a small room upstairs.

Yet I get excited.  At all that is possible.  At I can create.  How my external reality can change.

Yet I can’t live in the future.  One day at a time this journey is taken.  One moment at a time.  There is no other way.  Living in the future is as bad as living in the past.  Anything that takes me out of this moment……that has me derive unhappiness and sadness with my circumstances is one step to no movement.

I took the cold shower this morning.  I meditated.  And now I write.   This is the watering off my seed.

What will become of this blog?  Who will read it  Whose words will it touch and inspire?  Who will I meet through it’s creation?

I don’t know.  And that’s the beautiful thing.  This can go anywhere.   I can do anything.

At any moment my past is waiting there to grab me.  To take me back into the world of isolation and fear.  Sitting in my bed with my duvet over my head cutting of the world and all possibilities.  It can happen just like that.

There is much to learn.  Habits to build.  Creative muscles to strengthen.  Structure to develop.

It is all out there for me.  There’s something comforting in that alone.  At my core I am pure possibility.

There’s no easy routes.  No short cuts.  No lottery wins.

Just daily practice.  And daily practice.  And daily practice.

And actually….that makes it a whole lot simpler….