The Process

For the past 3 seasons, the Philadelphia 76ers have the worst record in the National Basketball Association (NBA).  And that was exactly what they wanted.

5 years ago they concocted a plan.  The worst team in the NBA has a higher chance of getting the highest draft pick – therefore getting the best talent that is coming into the league.

So instead of being a middling team and having little/no chance of ever winning the championship – you might as well be the worst team for a while and get the best talent giving you a higher probability of winning the championship 10 years down the line.

The Process was ridiculed as a joke.  Fans booed there terrible team and analysts derided a strategy based upon losing.

Yet in life there is a process to getting whatever it is that you want.

Since the last time I’ve posted here I’ve been doing quite well.  My personal development journey has continued a pace, I’ve discovered more about myself in the last year than ever before.  I’ve got a wonderful girlfriend and a job that I enjoy.

That itch remained everyday.  The gift that I’ve been blessed with not being expressed.

I would still tell people I was a writer.  They would ask ‘What do you write about?’ ‘Uhhh personal development stuff’

Truth is I didn’t really know.  I hadn’t been engaging in the process.

Actually in a inverse way I had been.  Because as much as doing the work is part of the process – understanding what life is like when you don’t put in the work is part of the process too.

When one is bestowed the blessing of choice he is blessed beyond belief.  Because at one point there was no choice.  Life was just a certain way and that was how it would always be.

Now I know it can be different.  I know that.  And the inaction is a part of that.

So there’s two paths as they’re always are.  To be or not to be as a lonely Dane once exclaimed that is the question.

We all have amazing aspirations.  Whether that’s a new job, relationship, book whatever it is.  And there is a process to all of it.  We’re never lost on how to do things. This is the Google era if you want to know how someone probably already wrote a book about it.

Are we willing to engage in the process?  To take the action, fall flat, and then come back and take it again.  To understand the different experience between a life of action and a life of inaction and make a choice?

So look out for the Philadelphia 76ers.  They began to show signs of improvement and we’re not the worst team in the league.  They fully embraced their process whatever the cost.

Will you?

Will I?

Awareness brings the crossroads.

Choosing to act brings the adventure.