This Small Mind Shift Transformed My Life

I want to get a six pack.  I want to become a writer. 

Started doing press ups – lasted 5 days. 

Started writing a blog – stopped after 10 days

Then I beat myself up – rinse and repeat.

The cycle of ambition and disappointment. 



Have you ever had goals you gave up on?  Wanted to make a drastic change?

But why is who we are wrong?  Because we say so?

Wanting more is only human.

The problem comes from taking one out of the present. 

And thinking of the end goal rather than NOW.

Not loving where you are now.  And who you are now.


Long Term Mentality

When we start rushing for that dream self – not accepting and loving who you are now defeats the purpose.

Because if we can’t embrace who we are today, how will we love ourselves in the future?

It will be a constant cycle of unfulfilment.

Because who you will become is dictated by who you are NOW.




Don’t Settle

Acceptance is not the same as settling.  If you want to start a business it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.

Acceptance means you acknowledge you don’t have the skills and consistency – yet. 

Embracing that will open the doors to learning.  To doing.  To growing.

To not hating yourself.



Disclaimer – This Is Not Easy

I told a fib in the title.  This isn’t a small shift – it’s massive.

And it’s not easy – it’s a daily challenge

But if it was easy everyone would do it.

Because the opportunity is open to everyone



Young Love

I am inconsistent.  That I leave projects unfinished.  That my mindset is not strong enough – yet.

Everyday though I get better.  And I love who I am now.

And one day I’ll look back with adoration.

Because you never forget your first love.


  • Micah

    ‘The problem comes from taking one out of the present. And thinking of the end goal rather than NOW.’

    That’s it right there. And I agree, I think it’s a huge mind shift. For myself, I always find I’ll end up self-sabotaging somehow when it comes to moving toward a goal unless I adopt the NOW approach mentioned in this post. When we start by affirming who we are and where we’re at right now, we’re starting from a place of strength. But when I start by lamenting what isn’t yet done and focusing on the negatives – I lose the energy I need for doing the work I need to. No one can write a book by thinking about the fact they need to churn out a 100,000+ words. But tell them to aim at 400 a day, and before they know it, within half a year or more, they’ll have completed the task. I think there’s just something about the way our brains are wired, they’re just not designed for spending too much time focused on the future or the past. And I think that’s why most kids are always happy and active, they know how to remain in the present.

    • Dubem Menakaya

      It was a big thing to realise that all that time travelling and enlargement of problems is a massive part of the incompletion and procrastinating.

      Not being in the present moment means one misses the simple solution right in front of them – like just writing 400 words a day!

      Of course it’s easy to know – much harder to do.

      We gather more baggage as we become adults – children don’t have this. I think that’s why they can remain so engaged in the present. That’s why I want a childish mentality!