Ten Things I Learnt From Not Sharing My Work (In 5 Months)

‘The gap between mediocrity and good is large. However the REAL gap is between doing nothing and doing something’

– Clay Shirky

I was petrified.  I couldn’t press publish.  What if nobody reads it?  What if people don’t agree with me?  How am I going to market this on social media?

The last time I published a blog was on 22nd August 2014.  In that time I’ve written at least 20 articles that have never seen the light of day.

Since then I’ve thought about it everyday.  Every.  Fucking.  Day.

Looking back I wouldn’t change it.  Because it taught me……


A)     The Time Is Always Now

‘Oh I have to plan my launch first.’ ‘I have to have some food first.’

‘Tomorrow.’ ‘Tomorrow.’ Tomorrow’

These are all things I said to myself.  But as the saying goes Tomorrow Never Comes.  A week becomes a month.  A month becomes 3.

The time is always now.


B)      Create For Yourself

I got sucked into the ‘how’.  How to get more readers.  How to create a business.

So I began to think about what other people wanted.  That’s what you’re supposed to do right?

Wrong!  I learnt I had to serve myself first.  And that will serve others.


C)      Perfectionism is thine enemy

‘I need to get some lead pages first.’ ‘I need to edit this a few more times, get some more links.’

There’s always something to do before we ship.  It has to look it’s ‘best’.

I realised that the ‘best’ is unattainable.  They’ll always be something else to do.

But like in athletics –it’s all about achieving your PERSONAL best.

So it dawned on me……

The aim is not to be the best – it’s to become the best YOU.


D)     You are hurting somebody out there

Many times I thought I was not worthy.

‘Why the hell would anyone want to read my bullshit?’

Yet I had published before.  And someone read it.  And liked it.

By withholding where hurting someone out there – because we could have what they need.

But most of all you hurt yourself.


E)      It Could Actually Kill Me

My health deteriorated.   I had two chest infections.  I injured my knee.  My teeth badly decayed.

Now the smoking and the running on a dodgy knee didn’t help!

But I did those things to escape from myself.

Then I realized– this could actually kill me.  My body will breakdown.

So to create and ship is not just expression – it’s the cure.


F)      Make a decision

You chose to create.  You chose the subjects.  You chose the idea.

So I asked myself – are you in this, or are you out of it?

Only you know the right answer.

And we owe it to ourselves to honour the reply.


G)     Become A Broadcaster – Not A Receiver (Ice T)!

The internet is a gift and a curse.

A gift because there’s so much information.

A curse because there’s so much information!

It’s easy to get stuck listening to other people and not speaking yourself.

Don’t get it twisted I’ve learnt a lot from this art.  It’s why I’m here writing this.

However to know and to not act means you don’t know at all.

Only Knowledge with application comes wisdom.


H)  Three Most Powerful Words


Frontin got me nothing.  Pretending I was doing well was hell.

So I keep it real with my friends to make amends.


      I)    Everything happens for a reason

I had to go through that place to get to this place.

And I like this place.


J)  Don’t Talk About It – Be About It!

Life is like a puzzle – if your words don’t match your actions you can’t create the vision.

So that’s my biggest lesson.  To keep my promise to myself.

Because that’s the only person I hurt if I don’t.



  • andystitt829

    You know what amazes me the most? The fact that your last post, the one from five months ago, talked about very similar subject matter. That tells me that even being aware of the need to ship early and often, it’s still hard. Maybe it doesn’t get much easier. Or maybe it’s a muscle you have to keep working out to make it stronger.

    You have a strong presence with your writing. Therefore, you owe it to yourself and those waiting to hear what you have to say to keep flexing your muscle. Keep it up!

    • Dubem Menakaya

      It certainly doesn’t get easier. I think it’s like driving. Very hard at first once you get a process it’s very doable – though you have to always be aware of the dangers or a disaster can happen.

      Thank you Andy I’m really grateful for that! Gotta keep working this out!

      • andystitt829

        Yessir, agreed 100%!

  • http://kirstenakens.com Kirsten Akens

    We can’t just think about it every fucking day. We have to DO IT. Every. Fucking. Day.

    • Dubem Menakaya

      For real!

  • http://socmediafin.com Joyce Sullivan

    Great work! Love the honesty stating all the things many of us face! So glad you decided to ‘ship’! See you tomorrow! Day2 #YourTurnChallenge

    • Dubem Menakaya

      Thanks Joyce, it’s funny how being so honest is so liberating and helpful, glad you liked it!

  • Kathleen Tozier

    Very powerful words, and so many gems of wisdom here. Keep writing!

    • Dubem Menakaya

      Thanks Kathleen, always great to know that the work is touching somebody. I’m so grateful for your comment :)

  • Dubem Menakaya

    Thanks bro you my man to!