The Revolution



We are living in a time like no other.  Everyday people are connecting with each other, learning new things and utilising technology to change the world socially (twitter and social media), politically (the Arab Spring and the mass protest movements), personally (the rising trend of social health movements or the rise of self-publishing and blogs)) and in so many other ways I could go on all day!

At the core of this revolution is a higher level of consciousness.  As we have access to more knowledge, people from all over the world share there insight – whether that’s through the written word or through videos – we are beginning to see that the way things were, and still are for many people, is not how it has to be.  We can live in a just society which doesn’t leave those less fortunate behind.  We can chase after our dreams and ambitions and not have to work in jobs that we don’t like.  We can create value for the world and make a living through that.  We can change our own lives and that of others around us creating a ripple effect and changing the world.

It’s happening all around us.  From the woman on Youtube whose makeup tips make ladies all over the world feel beautiful to the gentleman’s fitness blog that helps people exercise and change their physical wellness – people are chasing after their passions and things that they care about.  You could be a musician who’s posting videos on Youtube and selling albums on iTunes, entertaining and providing joy to people the world over or you could be an app maker creating something that has a fundamental enhancing impact on the way people live their lives.  Value is being created everywhere.  Each individual is beginning to see that they are special and unique.  They can bring something to the world that can help change it for the better.  This is the revolution


  • Micah

    Ain’t it just. I heard a pretty startling quote a couple months back by this dude, Professor John Seely Brown.

    “What we’re entering is a world in which we can’t even tell our students what they should know 5 years from now. Because in fact we’re entering a world where the average half-life of a skill is moving from about 30 years to 5 years.”

    It’s pretty incredible to look around and see how quickly things are moving, and how much content there is out there. It creates some challenges, but man does it create all kinds of possibilities and opportunity too.

    • Dubem Menakaya

      Yeah i agree wholeheartedly Micah. It’s amazing to think of the knowledge and the freedom now at out fingertips. We can learn things and share things it would have taken literally years to do in days. It really is a blessing to be alive and have these opportunities.