Why We Are All Creepy Stalkers

‘You look like J Cole – except he actually gets shit done’ my brother said.

Where did that come from? I thought.

Is he watching me?



Have you ever said you we’re going to do something and didn’t do it?

I always looked at it like I let myself down.

That’s just an interpretation.

What actually did happen?

I stopped others from seeing



Because when we see someone else do it we know it’s possible.

Just the simple act of them living up to their words – it inspires us.

It makes us take stock of what we’re doing.



My nephew is one years old – and he loves mobile phones.

He’ll take your phone and pretend he’s talking to someone

Why?  Because that’s what he sees from the people around him.

We are the same.  We may not be consciously watching, but the actions of those around us affects us.




Whose watching?

Should you fret about whose watching?  No

Be aware that they are though.

Because we have the power to expand or limit other people’s perspectives as well as our own.

And perspective’s leads to actions.

Thus we all have great power.

What are you going to do with it?