Words For My Soul

I find myself pondering these questions. Being a writer and publishing books and establishing an online platform is something I’ve been talking about for years now.   I spoke with a friend recently and she said ‘You know you think we’re having a new conversation?  We actually talk about the same thing over and over’

So am I foolish?  Lazy?  Deluded?  Perhaps.  But that’s another story to go down into a vortex of in action.

I read a quote from one of my favorite authors Seth Godin on why he writes.

“I’d do it even if no-one read it,” he said, “It helps me clarify my thinking.”

I was like wow that’s the truth.  When I don’t write there’s a part of me that feels incomplete. I’m at peace when my pen is hitting the pad or my fingers hitting the keyboard.  Drinking some herbal tea and listening to chilled hip-hop beats.

I think the dream and the vision clouds the present.  And I get lost in having a why for my writing, who am I serving, who is my audience and then I get further away from the keyboard.

My ambition becomes my curse.  Because I lack the humility for doing the work just for the sake of doing the work. Because it helps ME.

So hey start from where you are.  No dramatic effects and fancy editing.  No dreams New York Times Bestsellers and blogs with 100000 subscribers.

Just straight up words for my soul.