Dubem Menakaya

About Me

Eight years ago I was a first year university dropout and extremely depressed –

I would wake up, watch Jeremy Kyle and lie in the same spot every day for months.

I thought I had no mental strength.

So I bought a book literally called ‘Mental Strength’

And I remember reading: ‘everything that is around us was once a thought in someone’s head’. 

The power of this idea fascinated me. No matter how meaningless my life had been up to that point I realised that I could create something from an idea.

The Book

The Flash

I would return to a different University and co founded an Enterprise Society.

Students coming together to discuss ideas, develop businesses, attend and create our own inspirational events. We won awards, raised sponsorship and even got to travel to Germany.

The electric experience of creating something from nothing. Of bringing people together for a common purpose and sharing in the adventure together.

Of being who the person I truly am.

This is what I wanted to do all the time

So in Autumn 2013 I started an online media company called Getting Off The Bench with my friend Trent.  We won office space in a design agency in Paddington. I met and connected with Gary Vaynerchuk. I launched a podcast and I worked with one of the biggest podcasts in the UK at the time.

And then it all fell apart.

Me and Gary Vaynerchuk

The WhatIf Academy

It was in 2015 I joined the WhatIf Academy.  An incredible project by founder Sarah Parry to bring the elite personal development training for free to young people in and around London.

I remember walking in and thinking, this is something special.

And it was.  Through it I got to reconnect with my creativity.  I got the opportunity to understand myself.

And that I am not my thoughts.

Yet I still struggled to create consistently.  To truly unleash myself in the world

That painful frustration of knowing you can do something more. 

Yet constantly struggling to do that.  Having too many ideas or thinking you don’t have any.  Starting an awesome project and stopping it in a blink of an eye.

The WhatIf Academy Logo

The last 5 years have been a deep dive into the human experience.

I’ve been challenged by addiction, mental health issues, emotional issues.  I’ve been involved with 12 step programmes, logged many hours of therapy, taken many personal development courses.

And then COVID happened. And I had all the time in the world. Yet still resisted the call.

Then I discovered the 3 Principles. The 3 Universal Gifts we all have. Thought. Consciousness. Mind.

And through this discovery I began to see.

There is a gentler, softer way.  Creativity isn’t something we have to aspire to.

It’s who we are.

And the pain IS connected with the Art. That everything that has happened in my life can be transformed through creativity.

And that the brilliance is in all of us.  And with healing and cultivation it can be expressed.

And combining that with an understanding of entrepreneurship, we can experience incredible abundance.

I want everybody to have that opportunity.

To unleash themselves into the world

And that includes myself.

And that is what this site and my services are about.

Sharing what I’ve discovered so you can have your insights around creativity.

And truly step into who you are.

And connect with people from all around the world in this wonderful adventure

And we’ll have a lot of fun doing it.  Make awesome art, and live in abundance!

Looking Forward….To It

Speak soon!