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My name is Dubem Menakaya and I am a Soul Catalyst.

In science a catalyst is defined as a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction without itself undergoing any permanent chemical change.
A Soul Catalyst facilitates transformation on a Soul level – so the focus isn’t on changing your actions, the focus is you connecting to your true desires and who you truly are.
Because form that space the actions are effortless and enjoyable.
Coming from this place you can be a person who creates the space of possibilities.  Not only do you fulfil your desires – you impact other people positively in a way that is authentic to you.

I serve fledgling young entrepreneurs, coaches and leaders who want to make a difference, who want to identify and pursue their calling, but who perhaps feel lost or unsure as to how to proceed. Have you always felt that there is more to life than what is in front of you? Have you ever had that flash of leadership – that there is a greater purpose for you and a difference only you could make?

If you would like to step into your calling and launch yourself into the world as the leader you truly are, then contact me for an exploration call. If you would like to support young people in your organization with a deeper spiritual wisdom then check out the work I do with organizations and reach out.

My story

2010 was the catalyst for my spiritual journey. I had just failed my first year of University and left. I would wake up, watch Jeremy Kyle and lie in the same spot every day for months.

I thought I had no mental strength. So I bought a book literally called ‘Mental Strength’ And I remember reading: ‘everything that is around us was once a thought in someone’s head’. The power of this idea fascinated me. After returning to University, I would unconsciously tune into this guidance. I heard a talk about an Enterprise Society and then went on to become the President and win many awards. Have you ever felt that inner knowing? That you were being guided and it didn’t make sense to others but you got it?
I’d always heard this thought though the noise of my mind often clouded it.

I had massive highs and crushing lows.I would go into 12 step recovery, therapy, personal development courses, silent meditation – all trying to find out what was ‘wrong’ with me.

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Over the last 8 years, since I went to my first in person transformation event called the WhatIf Academy, I’ve spent thousands of hours in conversation, listening, and seeking.

I’ve worked side by side with addicts in recovery and seen young men go from suicidal to living a life of love and hope. In 2021 I followed the small voice, opened a newsletter and stumbled upon an author and coach called Michael Neill. I had never coached ‘professionally’ – indeed I didn’t know that this was a field. Yet what he shared – I knew I wanted to share it. The “inside out understanding”, as it is called, is not new. In fact it’s at the core of all the teachings I’ve experienced. I started coaching in July 2021 and since then have coached over 500 hours with people from Germany to Australia.

As well as this I have worked with hundreds of people in person as a Work Coach. All this to say I’ve experienced the beauty that unfolds when we are led by our soul in conversation not the repetitive cycle of thoughts. That in that space of grace and service, anything is possible. Working with my coach, Demi Mckonkie, for the past year I have experienced the transformative impact of having someone partner with you in achieving your dreams.

In experiencing a deeper, richer, more alive experience. I understand the fear, the doubt, the confusion and self-loathing very well. Underneath that there is a space of unconditional love that is always with you. And the eternal possibility of a fresh start.

Thanks for reading.


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I serve fledgling young leaders and entrepreneurs  who want to make a difference, who want to identify and pursue their calling, but who perhaps feel lost or unsure as to how to proceed.

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