Become Who You Already Are By Using What You Already Have (The Principle Of Divine Mind)

This is some sort of scam, I thought.

Looking at my phone and seeing this random number from a missed call, I called up my voicemail to listen and clear it away.

‘Hi we loved your application and would love to take you to the next stage of the process.’

A couple of months later I was in Glasgow in a BBC studio.

Principle Of Divine Mind – The Aliveness Principle

I’ve always had this sense of inner knowing. Like I had a compass inside pointing the way….

Sometimes I listened. Sometimes I didn’t.

Yet it’s always there.

The Principle of Divine Mind is about the energy that’s behind ALL energy. Some may call it God. Some call it Energy.

It doesn’t really matter what you call it – it’s really to understand that everything comes from nothing.

Look around you – everything you see – your phone, the walls, your bed whatever it is – comes from no thing.

No thing – The energy you know is there yet you can’t see.  Ideas, thoughts, emotions….

What is the energy that allows the rivers to run, birds to fly and dogs to run.

And what if we were connected to that energy?

I’ve heard from pet owners they develop an almost telepathic understanding.

If we are all made of this energy, then we are all connected to this energy.

I’d wanted to go on a quiz show for many years. May 2019, I listened.

It’s the paradox when we let go of expectations, we get more that we could have imagined.

Being on set, the friends I made, experiencing Glasgow….everything.

The shows been shown three times on the BBC and is now currently on BBC iPlayer.

And now here I am writing about it in a newsletter…..

This wisdom is in all of us. 

Through thoughts we bring it into reality.

Through consciousness we experience it.

Sometimes I ask myself – what if I listened to the wisdom more?

It’s ok though. It’s always there….

And the cool thing is? Ya never know where it’s going to go…..

“As the human mind ascends in divine consciousness, the gap between subject and object begins to vanish and the oneness of life emerges. 

You are society. Change yourself and the world will change.”  

– Syd Banks

Peace, Love and Wisdom


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