Dubem Menakaya

Creative Transformation Coaching

“Life is a divine dream, suspended between time, space and matter.” – Sydney Banks (Founder of the Three Principles)

I love turning ideas into reality.  Doing things that I care about and sharing that with the world.

Yet I wasn’t doing it.  Not sharing a book I’d written, shutting down a podcast I started, not continuing to make videos.

I could start, for some reason I couldn’t finish.

My journey over the last five years has been one of healing though also understanding the innate creative nature of human beings.  Understanding the gifts that we are given at birth and the foundation of the creative process.

And this does not just apply to writing books, starting businesses or making an album.  These principles are at the heart of all creation.  Any desire that your heart is calling for you.

That could be – losing weight, buying a new house, learning a new language – it’s all the same thing.

It’s all created within the context of these three principles.

Creative Transformation therefore is the movement towards a stated creative desire as the vehicle to transform your understanding of yourself and the people around you.

‘As we let our own light shine, we unconciously give other people permission to do the same’  – Marianne Williamson

If your desire is actually something you want to do – not what someone else wants you to do, what you feel like you have to do, or what your doing to ‘prove somebody wrong’ then this is something I believe is divinely gifted to you.

It is sent to you to fulfill and experience glory and share that light with others.

Through the coaching you will not only get the oppurtunity to discover this for yourself, you get to exprience yourself as a creator.  

You get the oppurtunity to deepen your understanding of the three principles and begin to see.

If I can transform this – what else can I transform?

My belief is you ultimately know once you experience it.  So if you would like a free 60-90 minute session book it in the calendar below.

Thanks for reading!