The Biggest Jump – Zero to One

Nightmares of past failures haunt me.  Will this just be another time where I wanted to change my life and give up after a week?  WIll this be another footnote in my life?

I’ll find out one day at a time.  And whatever happens – I have to go zero to one.  That’s the first step.

I haven’t written in months now.  Doubt creeps in every stroke of the keyboard.  Can I get to 500 words?  Am I crazy for even taking this challenge on board?    

How long will that carry me through?  Well I only have to worry about today.  Just for today means just for today.  Its not a theory – it’s a lived experience.  

Because if I think about tomorrow I’m done.  If I think about yesterday I’m cooked.  

A cycle of starting and stopping.  Start and stop. Start and stop.  It’s no way to live a life.

Life goes down the tube one boom bust cycle at a time.  One incomplete project at a time.  One broken promise at a time.

This is the moment.  Now is always the moment.

But first we go zero to one.  We get the ball rolling.

What do you want for your life?

Like seriously take a moment to think about it. 

Don’t get it twisted it’s never too late to start.  And it’s never too early to begin. The opportunity to create is there at any moment.

The beauty of this era that we live in is that reinvention can happen at anytime and at any moment. 

And it all starts with going from zero to one……

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