1-1 Coaching

The way I like to describe my coaching is we partner together to explore your known world – and through our partnership, you see go to the edge of you’re known world and fly beyond it. Traditional coaching focuses on changing behaviors. Techniques and tools. It’s often about what else you need to be doing. In soul catalyst coaching we go upstream and explore your being.

We explore:

And as you engage with your authentic self and create from that space, results beyond your imagination come through. As we roll down the river and the momentum builds, your world opens up to a new found freedom. We continue walking the path and creating what you’d love from a space of love and freedom.

Here are some of the benefits clients experience:

Quick Summary of (1-1) Service

All sessions are created upon what will best serve you. Here is where we start

Enrolment and Possibilities Call

This session is cultivated as a space of possibilities and dreams. There’s nothing off limits. It’s to express what is just under the surface and to get clarity on the next step.

Coaching Exploration

If we decide we’d like to explore working together we have a session really looking deeper at -

  • What you’d love to create
  • What lights you up thinking about
  • The tailored roadmap of how we will make it a reality

One Day Intensive

If we decide to proceed into a paid partnership we start with the one day intensive where we connect on a deeper level

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Regular Sessions

Following on every week for the first 3 to 4 weeks we’ll speak and see what you’ve noticed about your thoughts, your intuition. Any challenges can be addressed and we check in with your creation

In Between Connection

A partnership is more than just the session, so in between sessions we remain connected, I send you powerful content and books to support your journey, voice notes too - whatever serves you best. I only suggest - as the client, you take the lead.

Service and Beyond

Whether we choose to renew or not, I continue to serve my clients with opportunities that may be of interest, connections, events, conversations and more. I am committed to who you truly are and what you bring to the world.

"Consistent, supportive, inspiring, and purely kind"

Having worked with Dubem over the past year in a Freelancers Creatives Group, I’ve experienced first-hand the value he brings to the table. Consistent, supportive, inspiring, and purely kind don’t begin to describe it. Dubem’s unique ability to meet people where they’re at while also inspiring them to move forward is a trait one often only hopes to develop - but luckily for us, for Dubem it comes naturally. In short, Dubem will always be the person I recommend to any team, any day. If given the chance, he will impress, connect, inspire and support creatives wherever they are, however they may be as they continue their journey.
Rebecca Orpurt
(Creative and Proposal Specialist)

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I serve fledgling young entrepreneurs and coaches who want to make a difference, who want to identify and pursue their calling, but who perhaps feel lost or unsure as to how to proceed.
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