So, What Do You Think??? 🤔 (The Principle of Thought)

I had some understanding on the power of thoughts. You know the cliches like ‘if you think you can or you can’t your right’.

But I didn’t truly understand the power of thought. And to be honest, I’m still grasping it.

Principle 1 – Divine Thought – The Creative Principle

I used to go months without smoking weed. Then one day, particularly if I was feeling down, the thought would come into my head.

A few hours later I could be in a tower block rolling up.

One thought can change everything.

So do we control our thoughts then?

This is a misunderstanding. They say ‘well just control your thoughts, think positively’. Well you can control thoughts – for a while. Thought is always happening though – whether you like it or not.

Do an experiment – sit down for 3 minutes, close your eyes and just see where you mind goes. What thoughts occur.

It’s estimated that we have around 70,000 thoughts per day. Trying to control all of them is like sticking a plank of wood in a running river rapid.

It’s not the thought itself, it’s whether we give light to them or not. And this isn’t a bad thing. There is no bad. There’s just things that happen – and things that don’t.

And that’s OK.

So what’s the key?

Awareness. Being aware that your thoughts are creating your experience. What you think about something isn’t about the thing.

The problems don’t come from the situation – they come from our thinking about the situation.

Look for the fresh thought – the insights.
I built up this post in my head. ‘It’s got to look like this’ ‘I need to be ready before I can write’ ‘Nobody’s going to read this anyway’.

Then I had one thought ‘I’m going to do it anyway – so I might as well start now!’

And here we are, and here it is!

It’s not the situation that creates my experience – it’s my thinking of the experience.
And being aware of that allows those thoughts to settle.

I fall in and out of it. Like all the TIME! As I’m editing this I’m thinking ‘this sounds co complex’. Be kind to yourself.

Observe yourself and what’s happening.

What did you say to yourself – how did you feel?

And ask – is this feeling coming from the situation – or is it coming from me?

Peace, Love and Wisdom


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