Before working with Dubem, I felt stuck! Stuck financially and career-wise, which was impacting the overall view I had of myself and my purpose. But I had no idea how to move forward.

In all honesty, I never had plans to have a Coach, but after a (radically transformational) informal catch-up with Dubem, I realised just how vital and beneficial it would be to transition from adhoc conversations to more frequent 1:1s. The commitment initially scared me, but I strongly believed that it would be one of the best investments I could ever make! And that turned out to be right!
During our sessions, Dubem facilitated an environment that not only addressed my thought life, but also helped me explore ways I could maximise opportunities and practically enter into a life of abundance.
Whilst working with Dubem, I have received two career promotions, a major salary increase, and greater clarity on my purpose. In addition, Dubem challenged me to commit to a passion project I had only ever dreamed about, but never took action to step into. With Dubem’s help, I’m so much closer to launching this project and I am in discussion with an organisation who I’ll be partnering with.
Sidenote – being as well connected as he is, Dubem has also introduced me to a network of amazingly inspirational people and businesses.
Thank you Dubem for everything! I truly feel transformed from the inside-out!
If you’re considering partnering with Dubem, I couldn’t recommend his coaching service highly enough! He really has a heart for seeing people Win in life, and goes above and beyond to see that happen.
I previously felt stuck, demotivated and frustrated. Now I’m awakened to so much possibility and very excited for the journey ahead!
Please feel free to ask Dubem for my contact details as I would be more than happy to share my experience with you further.

Before starting sessions with Dubem, I was in a state of limbo. I was putting so much effort into helping others accomplish their dreams, yet I was a bit lacklustre when it came to pursuing my own.


I had so many thoughts and ideas over the years that I would overanalyse and ultimately talk myself out of; I was constantly in a state of ‘analysis paralysis’.


Transformative coaching with Dubem was exactly what I needed to move forward with changing my state of being.


The sessions helped me start to uncover what it is I want to accomplish in life, free from the restrictions I place on myself, opening myself up to more opportunities whether in a work or personal capacity, from starting new initiatives to exploring new business ideas.


Throughout my time with Dubem, I dared to try a bit more and explore without expectation, not succumbing to my usual self-limiting beliefs.


My most powerful takeaway is the mental shift I have had with identifying those triggers and self-restricting routines, trying to stop them in their tracks before they have an impact. This is all an ongoing process and a journey of learning however I have been equipped with the knowledge and realisations that I can only build on and use to elevate my life moving forward.


I am on a journey of realising my accomplishments and celebrating those small wins, which is pivotal to moving forward and achieving more. It is only during these sessions that I have truly started to fully acknowledge and appreciate all that I do.


I am to take all I have learned and my new heightened awareness to continue on the trajectory of my own version of success.

Naomi Rumble



I wanted to thank you so much for your fantastic coaching. We have had several Zoom 90 minute sessions now and a whole day face to face.
You coach from your soul. My intuition was right to hire you for four months.

You have a deep clarity about how the world really works, tremendous compassion, you hold space for me beautifully, and you signpost me to brilliant resources that are always spot on.

I have no reservations in recommending you to any coaches or other clients who want to take their life to the next level. You have a rare and wonderful authenticity. I trust you completely and have great faith about the exciting new way of being that you are guiding me to create powerfully with you.

Thank you so much,
Olly Alexander PhD

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“I had the best transformation working with Dubem, he really brings a new way of perceiving life and makes you go deep to the core of who you are and answer those essential questions. He is fun, light-hearted, nonjudgmental and truly wise!”

Milene Correira (Executive Consultant)
“Working with Dubem helped me work on my self honesty and awareness, he asks great questions and has just the right amounts of challenge and support. Really like his concept of creative self-transformation and how he teaches the process is the priority not the goal, which creates a blame free environment to get imaginative and creative “
Adam Khan-Gill (Entrepreneur)
“I had the chance to work with Dubem for several months and I can’t recommend him highly enough!! He’s always able to give great advice and food for thought with anything whether it’s business or personal. “

Chris Everitt (Entrepreneur)

Dubem is the most amazing coach that I have ever known! He never gives up, not for himself, but for his clients! So supportive and always there for you. You feel that you always have him backing you up, you are never alone and no matter what challenges come into your life, Dubem is there to help you. Always. 

Simona B (Certified Transformation Coach)

“I never intended on having a life coach or thought I would benefit from having one, but I have benefited. My sessions with Dubem have helped to remind me of what’s important to me and shown me some behaviors & thoughts that haven’t been beneficial to reaching my personal goals. I’m also learning more about the power of thought & how to use my mind constructively.

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Richard Ajuwon (Process Control Specialist)

Testimonials From Work With Organizations

“Dubem was an inspiration to our students. His honesty and challenges resonated with our students, but what was really inspiring was his resilience and determination. Dubem’s vision and ambition for his life goals propelled him to great achievements. Dubem certainly inspired our students! Thank you. “
Amos Madra (Career Adviser at Changing Education)
“Working with Dubem is refreshing. He brings an illuminating energy into the space, is thoughtful, creative and can join the dots in meaningful and unexpected ways. He is an ideator, a collaborator and a

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Emma Koubayssi (Transformation Coach and formerly Head of Social Impact at Animas Centre For Coaching)
“Having worked with Dubem over the past year in a Freelancers Creatives Group, I’ve experienced first-hand the value he brings to the table. Consistent, supportive, inspiring, and purely kind don’t begin to describe it. Dubem’s unique ability to meet people where they’re at while also inspiring them

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Rebecca Orpurt (Creative and Proposal Specialist)

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